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Anxiety Attacks Treatment

Anxiety Attacks Treatment

Seeking out anxiety attacks treatment can be a real adventure for individuals with chronic anxiety. One reason for this is that, very often, people with severe anxiety have difficulty making decisions, scheduling doctor’s appointments, and things of this nature. Even if this isn’t the case for some, it can be difficult finding the right treatment option for the individual. The drugs may not work. The therapeutic process may be too slow going and not address the person’s very real, very extreme condition quickly enough. It can be a lot more difficult finding true relief than many people realize.

Of course, we all worry. That is to be expected in both a social sense as well as a mortal one. It is perfectly natural, normal, and healthy to worry. After all, it is fear and worry that keep us from jumping in front of moving vehicles or off cliffs! However, when these fears prevent you from living a normal life, then they are obviously problems which need to be addressed.

For this reason, it is important that we understand what actually causes debilitating anxiety. Once you know the cause, you can reverse engineer your panic attacks and anxiety away, or so we hope. While there are a handful of contributors to the condition, both physical and psychological in nature, there are only a handful of identifiable root causes.

One of these “root causes” is that for many people, anxiety has become a physiological habit. In other words, people who often complain of experiencing severe anxiety symptoms actually move their bodies and breathe in such a way where anxiety would occur by default. One way to test this out is to breathe fully, allow you face to hold a light and relatively happy expression, and then lean your body forward like you are really engaged with life.

Obviously, this is the kind of activity that takes some work, and not all anxiety sufferers are willing to put in this much work when they are smack dab in the middle of a panic attack. However, my next suggestion requires less conscious effort, but is more physically demanding. Are you ready? Exercise! There is absolutely nothing like exercise when it comes to fighting anxiety. Seriously. Nothing. No drugs or behavioral conditioning or cognitive therapy… nothing.

A healthy, mostly raw produce centered diet runs a close second. But seriously, I challenge you to, even right in the heat of a terrible panic attack, to jump on a treadmill and start sprinting your butt off. Lift weights. Work your body out like a maniac. When it’s all said and done, you will be so relaxed and feeling so good that you won’t know what to do with yourself. Turn exercise into a habit and you just may lick this whole anxiety thing altogether!

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