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Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Would you like to add several years of happiness, contentment, and love to your life? Reducing stress and anxiety can have an absolutely staggering impact on the overall quality of your life. And yes, it can very realistically extend it, too! The havoc that stress can wreak on the human body is well-documented and quite significant. This article will present you with a few powerful ways to combat it.

The important thing to realize when it comes to reducing stress and anxiety is that you will actually need to take action. This is not something that will go away on its own, as much as we would all like it to. You may need to change your surroundings, your diet, your activity level, or the people with whom you interact. In fact, you may even need to change your job if it is causing you undue stress.

The bottom line is that you must act. If you do nothing, then no matter what is causing your stress and anxiety, it isn’t going anywhere. For example, if your anxiety is biochemical in nature, but you keep eating the same types of foods, engaging in the same types of habits, and moving (or not moving) your body in the exact same ways, then your biochemistry will stay exactly the same… and that’s if you’re lucky. Chances are, your stress and anxiety levels will actually go up the longer you go without tackling the problem.

If your job, your relationships, your neighborhood, or any type of external thing is bringing these feelings about, then the exact same rules apply. Some folks look to a vacation to alleviate their stress and anxiety, but once they return, they are just as unfulfilled and anxious as ever. This is important to note, because temporary solutions are really not solutions at all… they’re merely distractions. Let’s not turn to distractions. Let’s find solutions.

The most immediate and effective action step you can take if you’re stressed out of your mind is to start with your body. This is where it all begins. When your body radiates optimal health, your emotions in check. You feel wonderful more often than not, and you are far better equipped to resolve any other problems that may come your way. Nothing empowers you like good health.

And guess what good health all boils down to? Yep, those twin forces that we hear so much about, yet that too few of us ever actually take action on: diet and exercise. For your diet, the first and most important thing you want to do is to stop ingesting chemicals. No more sodas, energy drinks, coffee drinks, microwave meals, potato chips, fast food, etc. Stay away from drugs and alcohol, too. Your body sees all this stuff as poison, and it goes into a state of panic trying to prevent the poison from killing you!

Exercise, both aerobics and strength training, keeps the muscles and joints loose and stretched out (which keeps toxins from becoming trapped inside). It also raises your endorphin levels, oxygenates your body and your brain, and is very likely to lift your self-image to new heights. Reducing stress and anxiety will become a thing of the past, and you will be able to form newer, better, more inspiring goals moving forward.

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