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Panic Attack Disorder

Anyone suffering from panic attack disorder undoubtedly understands that this can be not only one of the most confusing and nightmarish experiences that an otherwise sane person can have, but that it can also dramatically limit one’s options for enjoying a healthy, normal, productive life. In fact, many people who suffer from panic attack disorder can’t even get themselves to leave the house! Indeed, this is a problem that deserves immediate attention.

There is nothing nice about experiencing a panic attack. This is due in large part to its self-perpetuating nature. What do I mean? Well, if you’ve got panic attack disorder, you will likely go through a vicious cycle of encountering the physical symptoms associated with extreme anxiety disorder, which can lead to a state of panic, which will in turn make the physical symptoms more intense, which will likely lead to greater panic, and so on. When this cycle starts, the two most common outcomes are that either the person detaches and sleeps, or they pay an immediate visit to the ER.

One of the most frustrating aspects of this condition is how widely misunderstood it is by the public at large. A lot of people will say that it’s just in your head. Some may think you’re just trying to get attention and that you’re making the whole thing up. Of course the truth is, this is a very real, biochemical and even physiological phenomenon that simply cannot be wished away. And most people who suffer from panic anxiety disorder really, truly wish they were just making it up. But they know otherwise.

The trouble with treating this condition is that it can strike at any moment and when it does, you can easily lose your ability to cope. For this reason, the most effective treatment options are rarely related to “learning new coping skills” or any other cognitive approach to getting a grip on the situation. Again, this is a biochemical condition which must be treated on a biochemical level.

For this reason, the treatments with the greatest success rate, as well as the most profound and immediate results, are usually either medical or lifestyle-related. Diet and exercise can have a radical impact on your daily biochemistry, and the higher your level of overall health and fitness, the less likely it will be for a disturbance to occur. Likewise, medical treatments such as anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications can have a powerful positive effect, though these may come with side effects, making a healthy lifestyle your very best bet.

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