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Anxiety Attacks Information

Most people don’t realize just how severe anxiety disorder can become. Some people refuse to step outside their homes, make eye contact, engage in conversation, or really do anything that regular, healthy, productive members of society do. Please understand, this doesn’t describe everyone who suffers from anxiety, and the following anxiety attacks information should help you better understand the nature of this condition, as well as a few powerful treatment options that may be of interest to you.

Anxiety, as an emotion, is something that even the smartest, healthiest, and most competent people on the planet experience on a regular basis. In fact, if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be considered smart, healthy, or competent whatsoever. Literally, the emotion known as fear or anxiety is what keeps us away from harmful situations. It breeds quality skepticism and prevents us from falling prey to someone who tells us they’ve got an invisible unicorn in a box that they’ll sell to us for 5 thousand dollars!

Again, referring to the emotion, anxiety is what keeps us in our own lane while driving, instead of swerving into oncoming traffic. Anxiety, combined with logic, is what makes us study for Friday’s test on the previous Tuesday instead of the following Sunday. It keeps us safe, productive, and free. But once more, we are referring to a whole different animal here.

Anxiety, the Disorder:

This is where everything goes terribly wrong. It turns healthy, responsible “alertness” into a living nightmare that many would rather die than to experience another day of. It is a debilitating, irrational fear that shakes us to the core, paralyzes us, and renders us unable to function.

It is often accompanied by symptoms such as trembling, shortness of breath, total body stiffness and pain, rapid and terrifying heartbeat, dizziness, total confusion, paranoia, and a constant sense of impending doom. And these are just to name a few of the unbelievably uncomfortable situations that people living with chronic panic attacks experience on a daily basis. And yes, these symptoms are every bit as physical in nature as they are psychological.

One of the most common manifestations of anxiety attacks is the classic case of an individual being rushed to the ER because they thought they were having a heart attack, couldn’t breathe, and were scared out of their minds. This is not at all uncommon, and it isn’t something that’s only happening in the patient’s mind. Heart palpitations, pounding, and shortness of breath are extremely common among individuals suffering from chronic anxiety.

The best ways to treat against anxiety attacks are generally lifestyle related, and include intense exercise, a diet consisting of primarily raw produce and whole-grains, and a living environment that provides plenty of relaxation and enjoyment. Focusing one’s attention on a type of art can be of significant benefit. Obviously, other treatment options would include going the medical route, seeking out the guidance of a skilled therapist, or joining an anxiety group.

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