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Anxiety Attacks Causes

Can anxiety lead to more anxiety? Of course it can. In fact, if chronic anxiety goes untreated for too long, the sufferer may start going crazy. Much of the time, severe anxiety doesn’t let up. Yes, it can worsen in certain situations, but it’s always bad. And it is extremely common for the physical symptoms of anxiety disorder to cause the individual to panic, which leads to increased physical symptoms which leads to more panic, and on and on it goes…

Unfortunately, even though this is a condition that can render people inactive, reclusive, and even suicidal, an alarmingly low percentage of men and women ever seek out treatment. There are a few theories of why this is. The two most common, and logical theories I’ve heard is that for one, the individual may be embarrassed about it. They don’t want to be looked at as though they’re crazy. But I am convinced that the most obvious reason is the anxiety itself.

Asking someone with severe anxiety to pick up the phone, make a doctor’s appointment, go outside, get in the car, drive to the doctor’s office, talk to people, and so forth is a lot like asking someone with a broken leg to walk to the hospital. For starters, the anxiety victim is likely too afraid to make phone calls and talk about him or herself and his or her problems. But beyond that, anxiety usually clouds up the thought process, robs a person of their confidence, and usually renders them unable to take a lot of basic actions that many “normal” people take for granted.

So let’s take a quick look at how “anxiety” is actually defined. Quite simply, it means worry. While this is something that we all do, and rightly so, people with general or social anxiety disorder can’t seem to turn off the switch. Individuals who do not suffer from this condition have a healthy amount of worry and skepticism that keeps them from getting hit by cars or eaten by alligators. If anyone were to come face-to-face with a hungry gator, for example, they’d probably be pretty scared, if not terrified.

An individual with severe anxiety disorder feels this same level of panic when they’re trying to sleep at night… or when they shower… or when they eat… or when they try to read a book. It never stops. As mentioned above, it gets worse in some situations. But it’s always there. And it can really cheat a person out of enjoying a happy, fruitful life. And this is a real shame, because the condition is not really fully understood by the public at large, and for this reason, folks with severe anxiety often feel outcast and even more afraid of other people.

Treatments will vary from person to person, and can include medical or psychological intervention, group therapy, self-help techniques, breathing and relaxation techniques, and various other popular options. Perhaps the one treatment that has been proven more effective than the rest on a more consistent basis is a dramatic lifestyle change. Regular, heart-pounding exercise, a diet consisting almost exclusively of raw produce and whole grains, and lots of sunshine have been shown to radically alter brain function, often times banishing anxiety once and for all!

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